One on One
Individual classes

Individual Classes

Private classes are a great opportunity for a student to learn at their own pace and with a qualified teacher according to individual needs. It helps a student identify their individual weaknesses and improve upon them.

EDUS All these private classes are organized by our highly qualified renowned resource persons and teachers at the convenience of the students through the Student Coordinator.

For Sri Lankans

Rs. 1,500 / hour (National Syllabus) + Rs. 2,000 ( Admission fee)

Rs. 2,000 / hour (International Syllabus) + Rs. 2,000 (Admission fee)

For Foreigners

USD 20 / hour (Cambridge/EDEXEL) + USD 20 ( Admission fee)

Advantages of Individual classes :

Consider following criteria when selecting an Individual tutor..!

Tutors qualification and experience.
Art of Online Teaching.
Students’ syllabus, books and timings for classes.