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EDUS is considered the most established and trusted online independent school. Established in 2021, we provide a quality British online education to students of Upper School. Our goal is to help your children progress to excellence in educational journey.

Our secondary school is a highly exclusive online school for students excelling academically. Our students live all over the world and study for their IGCSEs exams. EDUS is all about building an online school environment where our students can learn and receive a quality education from the best tutors in the world.

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What our Students Say....!

Excellent! Best of Online schooling. I'm so happy. All my struggles are now gone and I make use of this platform to its best. Entire Institution is helping me to excel...!
Abivarman G
IGCSEs Gr 10
Really great school! Most helpful and friendly staff and teachers. Also very impressed with the art of teaching. I will definitely recommend it. 5 stars from me and my parents!
AG Devin
Excellent teaching quality and a good overall experience ! Tutors are well qualified and friendly. Helps me through all my struggles in learning. Highly recommended.
Tharuka P

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