Support Our Students Education
With Your Donation..!

Support Our Students Education
With Your Donation..!

Our Mission

We help every students to study online who needs financial support in achieving their educational goals and to provide employment and sustainability to our teachers for a proper visionary and productive system.

Help Students With Financial Difficulties

Its Affordable

Its Affordable

No matter what you give, every donation will make an impact

It's a Community

It's a Community

Be part of an inspiring group, changing lives every month
It's Transparent

It's Transparent

You’ll receive regular updates on your donations
It's an Investment

It's an Investment

Your contributions will enrich students for a brighter future

How Your Donation Works With L2L

Finding the right student

We filter the applications received for the L2L scholarship program

L2L and EDUS

EDUS works on filtered student profile and scholarship is finalized.

Benefits and Updates

Finalized donation will be provided as a course of online education and the donors will be updated every month.

Breaking The Cycle

Education is a major resource to end the cycle of poverty. Around one million Tamil-speaking children are in Sri Lanka and 30% of them are facing financial difficulties with education outside school.

Pure Hands is on a mission to help students with low financial backgrounds and dedicated teachers towards education. Join us to break the cycle of poverty and uplift the next generation of Sri Lanka. 

Transparency & Efficiency

We know that you care about how effectively your donation is being used. That’s why we show you how your money was spent, how you made a difference, and how grateful the students and teachers are!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my donations being utilized?

Once your donation is received we will allocate the fund to the students for their online educational requirements with EDUS.

How can I get updates about the students?

EDUS will be keeping track on every students where the donor can request for an update anytime. 

Is my payment/transaction secured when I’m donating?

All Payments are secured via end to end encryption. EDUS assures you that the information you provide is completely protected and that your donations are safe. Our secure-server software encrypts all your personal information including name, contact number, email ID and address.

How are the students verified?

We, at EDUS, are extremely particular about the authenticity of the L2L scholarship program. In order to ensure it is genuine, we follow a strict 3-step process before finalizing the student. The rigorous verification process involves submission of legal identity proofs and documents. Furthermore, the specifics of each case are verified by respective authority. All students are ‘EDUS Assured’ and they protect the donor’s interest.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Students who has applied to EDUS’s L2L program with lower financial background to continue proper online education with EDUS and teachers working on behalf of EDUS online school will be benefitted.

Why students need donation for online education with EDUS?

EDUS provides quality online education to Tamil speaking students all around Sri Lanka with proper student management and experienced teachers it affords a cost monthly for every student. Meanwhile, EDUS receives lot of applications for the L2L scholarship program from students, parents and principals around the island. In this regard, EDUS is serving to enhance the students with lower financial background through this donation.

Our team of EDUS and qualified teachers working hard in providing a better and professional online education to students.