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Professional Certificate in Sinhala

Learn “SINHALA” in your mother tongue

Spoken Sinhala is easier to learn and use because it is so much relaxed in grammatical formality and rigidity. Sinhala is spoken by about 19 million people in Sri Lanka, about 16 million of them are native speakers. It is one of the constitutionally-recognized official languages of Sri Lanka, with Tamil.


The primary objective of this course is to broaden the students’ perspectives on the Sinhala language. Their language skills will grow as a result of the instruction and learning they get during the course, enabling them to communicate effectively in Sinhala. This course provides you with a basic knowledge of Sinhala. It concentrates on spoken Sinhala, the language used by speakers at all social and from all educational backgrounds.

This certificate course was fundamentally developed in order to expand the students’ horizon within the scope of Sinhala language. The course is aimed at school leavers who need fluency in Sinhala the native languages of Sri Lanka to communicate and also for those professionals.

The teaching and learning experience they gain throughout the course will nourish their language proficiency to become a solid communicator in Sinhala.

This course covers modules in Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Initially the course introduces the students to the basic elements of the language and eventually they are exposed to the practical usage of the language which leads them to become an outstanding communicator in Sinhala.


  • Basic Vocabularies in Sinhala
  • Communicate with others
  • Making Sentences in Sinhala
  • Writing Skills
  • Essential speaking
  • Understand the Grammar
  • Learn & Improve Speech
  • Learn and Develop the Skills in Written Language
  • Improving Reading Ability

What you will learn in your online course

With English Online, you can set your learning goals and choose from a variety of lessons from Sinhala for work to everyday Sinhala, to improve your grammar, speaking, pronunciation and more.

Study using our interactive platform and connect in times that suit you. Track your progress through tests and assessments and receive live feedback from your teachers. 

You will have a more rewarding learning experience, getting the most out of learning Sinhala with a combination of: 

  • lively speaking classes with a specialist, highly-trained teacher  
  • interactive independent study, set by your teacher that will prepare you for the live class 

Our courses are best suited for students with any level of Sinhala. If you’re not sure of your current level, don’t worry – you can take a free level test with English Online. 


Programme Delivery Mode: Online



  • G.C.E. O/L with pending results OR
  • G.C.E. A/L with pending results

Who can apply

  • School Students
  • School Leavers
  • Job seekers
  • Office workers


  • Single Payment – LKR 23,500
  • Flexible payment plan – LKR 10,000 (1st Payment) + LKR 15,000 (2nd Payment)


  • 3 (Three) Months

Technical Requirements :

Online lessons and interactive study can be accessed using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. You can’t use a mobile phone to access our classes because we want to make sure all our students enjoy a quality learning experience.

For your learning experience to be effective, you will need to make sure that you have access to:

  • a good Wi-Fi connection
  • if you have a headset or headphones with a built-in microphone this is ideal (for online classes)
  • a speaker and a webcam (for online classes).

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